Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Proposal and the Ring

Feb 23, 1981 Journal Entry

I remember the night Jared asked me to marry him.  I felt so close to him!  It was Jan 1st, 1981 at 1:00 in the morning.  I wanted to explode with excitement.  I wanted to tell everyone I saw.  It was in the parking lot of Godfathers Pizza on Decatur and Spring Mountain and we were waiting for Danielle and Eric to open up for a New Years  Party.

We  decided not to say anything until we sat down and talked to our parents and until I had a ring to make it more official.

Jan. 13th, I got my ring!  That was an exciting event.  We hadn't really looked that much, just when we were at the mall, I'd drag Jared over to the jewelers and make him look at the ones I liked, just so he had an idea.   Well, we went into Bullock and Losee just to look and the salesman came over and sat us down.  He slipped a setting on my finger and I went nuts.  I loved it!  It had no diamonds in it, just the setting but I knew I wouldn't settle for any other ring.

The he brought out the diamonds.  That was an interesting moment.  We started with 1/5 of a karat, but it was just to small.  Finally we worked up to 1/3 of a karat and I was thoroughly happy.  It is a gorgeous ring and I love it almost as much as I love Jared!

We discussed the price and they needed a $230.00 down payment which neither one of us had.  Jared told him we'd go home and think about it.  Well I didn't need to think about it - my mind was made up.  I remember looking into his eyes and saying : " Jared I love that ring".  Then he came up with the brilliant idea that got me my ring.  He said: " If you will sell all your gold we could put a down payment on it."  I said let's do it.  Of course he was just kidding, but I was dead serious.  So between us, we got broken gold chains, silver and Jared's silver dollars and we pawned them off.  We came up with $175.00 and Jared paid the rest of the balance.  We took it in to Bullock and Losee that night and he said we could pick up the ring the next night.  And we did!

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