Friday, September 2, 2016

It's A Girl!

I have wanted to share this endearing little exchange that took place last Monday as Dad, Hannah and I were driving into the valley after a 4500 mile, 2 week, trip.  But a little history first.....

Dad had planned on renting a car for this trip and had been looking into finding the best deal.  It would cost us around $400.00 but felt a little security in doing so, due to the fact that the only car we had to take was old, getting horrible gas mileage and in need of new tires and repairs.  So that was the plan.

I am not sure when the plan changed, but it did.  Dad decided to put the money set aside for the rental into getting our car tuned up, new tires, etc.  Even up to the day of departure dad was working on the car.  I really totally trust dad with his expertise and auto skills, so I didn't give it a second thought as to if the car would hold up on our trip or not.  And I didn't think dad did either.  But I was wrong.

Monday night, as we were ascending into our little valley, so tired and so ready to be done with driving, I witnessed dad patting the dash of the car and saying:  "You did good ol girl! You made it."  It was so sweet.  I must admit that I was a little taken back that our car was a girl, but I was touched as I thought of how dad must have worried about his decision. I thought of how he not only exercised his skill and labor in preparing the car, but also his faith, in hoping it would be enough.  It was enough.  In fact it was more than enough.  For me, it was a great reminder of his goodness, his talents, his hope that his faith and work was sufficient for his family.

That little experience was not wasted on me.  It has occupied my thoughts and my heart for  the past 5 days.  I love you Jared.  Thank you for loving and caring for us.