Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shall The Youth Of Zion Falter......An Amazing Day At The Temple.

Today mom and I went to the Las Vegas Temple to participate in an endowment session.  As we were walking down the corridor to the ordinance room, we passed  young men donned in white suits and name tags.  Sure enough, when we entered our room, standing in the front of the room was an 18 year old boy.  He was calm, assured, and thoughtful as he officiated.  It was nice and  I really enjoyed the session.  I asked a temple worker later what was up with the young ordinance workers.  She said that they encourage sisters and elders who have received their calls and are in the process of waiting to report for their missions to  be set apart as official temple workers.  She mentioned that they learn so fast and are filled with such a powerful spirit and are a big asset to the temple.  Amen to that!

Thinking that my temple experience couldn't get any better, I walked into that beautiful Celestial room. Lining the walls and occupying every seat in that massive,amazing room, were missionaries!!  Lots and lots and lots of elders and sisters who had just participated in a special session.  It was breath-taking to say the least.  They were so beautiful and inspiring. is still touching to recall that scene.    Grandma Skousen whispered to me:  "I think this is a lot like what was welcoming Grandpa when he passed away."    I think it probably was too.  Such a glorious sight!!

Truly an amazing day at the temple.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"I rejoice therefore that I have confidence in you in all things." 2 Cor. 7:16

Holly is 18 today.  She is officially an adult by the world's standards.  By my standards, she has been an adult in very many ways for quite some time now.  Just a couple of days ago she asked me:  "Why is it that I can relate to adults so easily?"  (Or something along those lines.)   Holly has several adults that she includes as her close friends, and these adults reciprocate that friendship. It is fun to see her interact with them.  She is at ease, and always herself.  It is so apparent that she is respected and valued.  And she should be.  I think it is fair to say that confidence has played a very important part in these friendships.  Holly is very comfortable with herself and she likes who she is and others value that in her.

We recently went to lunch in which a cute, male waiter overheard that we were celebrating Holly's 18th birthday.  He made a comment to her alluding to the fact that they (employees) might have to embarrass her by singing Happy Birthday.  Holly cutely responded with a coy smile:  "Oh, I don't get embarrassed very easily".  She was flirty (appropriately so) and engaging as she held her own in that conversation.   It is so much fun watching her, knowing she  has control of situations and is so darn cute!

That confidence is not just manifest in her relationships, but also in her testimony.  She is confident in what she believes.  She questions, seeks answers, and applies what she learns.  This gift has put her in a position to be a leader among her peers and her adult friends.   She is very fine with stating: "NO"  if something is inappropriate or just doesn't feel right to her.

Confidence is an amazing gift to acquire; it is even a more amazing gift to keep.  The world has a way of chipping away at our confidence.  I don't see that happening with Holly.  This was a gift that accompanied her to earth and she has continued to strengthen it. As a little six year old child, she kindly questioned her friend why she wasn't a Mormon.  As an eleven year old, she once instructed me about modesty in swimsuits.  (I was buying a very modest swimsuit with a zipper in front.  Holly said that I shouldn't buy it because what if the zipper accidentally unzipped!  I didn't buy it.) I have seen her  push aside negative thoughts and feelings and change situations that would have otherwise made her feel less about herself.  She has made conscious choices to not be "squashed".

To my beloved Holly, I  echo the Apostle Paul's comment:   I rejoice therefore that I have confidence in you in all things".  I can say that  because of the righteous confidence you have in yourself.   That confidence will allow you to pursue your goals of singing and writing.  It will  strengthen you as a college student, missionary, wife, mother and whatever else you pursue.  It has been a joy watching you grow leaps and bounds these past few years.  I really like the person you are.  You make me laugh.  You calm me down.  You  give me confidence.  Happy Birthday dear daughter and dearest friend.  I love you.  Mommy