Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sliding Eyelids

I have come to the age where I do not trust my vision to determine if my make-up looks like that of an old lady. (You know the kind of old lady I am talking about.)   So this Sunday as I shared the bathroom with Holly and Hannah in getting ready for church, I asked them to check my eye shadow.  I shut my eyes and I felt their fingertips gently slide across my eyelids to blend the color a bit.  Suddenly Hannah exclaimed:  Mom, What is wrong with your eye!?"  Sensing Hannah's horror, Holly quickly answered:  "Hannah those are wrinkles, Mom is old!"  Apparently Hannah didn't like the fact that half of the skin on my face moved with her finger.  I wasn't offended.  In fact, I was pleased that Hannah hadn't really "noticed" the wrinkles and saggy skin prior to this incident.  Keeping my feelings in mind, Holly sweetly added: "Hannah, mom looks good for a fifty-three year old."   Having my daughters check my make-up, seeing my imperfections, and acknowledging my advancing years made me  love them a little bit more for some reason.

My face shows wear and tear, but I still feel like a silly, gullible girl much of the time.  I often wonder how old will I have to be to acquire wisdom, or am I destined to always be a silly, gullible girl.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Love Languages & Mother's Day

I haven't been a fan of  "Love Languages".  It seems like church members hopped on the band wagon when this book came out and "love language" became a lesson staple.  I have since changed my mind and feelings about love languages.  With that said, I still don't want it taught in lessons and talks!

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I prayed extra hard that I would not be ridden with guilt and sadness;  I tend to choose this day to focus on  all the wrong I did and all the right I didn't do as a mother. (Lame...I know.  I am working on this!) Certainly not by any fault of dad or you children, but I usually end up going to bed glad that the day is over.

Maybe it was my faithful effort with the prayers, but this Mother's Day  was different.

The day started off with sweet kindnesses of Holly, Hannah and Natalie getting up early and making breakfast for me and it ended with Jared  and the girls creating a perfect dinner.  I loved seeing and hearing them all work together and the end results were yummy and fun to participate in.

Service is one of the five Love Languages.  I greatly appreciated their  labors in my behalf and recognized them as displays of love given to me.  It was  a treat to be spoiled with these thoughtful acts of service and I was genuinely touched by how they offered me their love.

Now I speak of another love language. Words, whether spoken or written, have a powerful affect on me  and how I feel love.

The day before Mother's Day, I received a card in the mail from Daniel and Emily.  On the front was a drawing of  stick figures resembling Dan, Em and Pappy (and two fish?)  with the words: Happy Mommy Day! It  undoubtedly was Daniel's handiwork.  On the back was a much more detailed drawing of Daniel and Emily in their wedding hearts wishing me a Happy Mother's Day; obviously Emily's handiwork. Inside this homemade card  both Daniel and Emily wrote sweet words of love and appreciation. Upon opening and examining this card, I could not keep from smiling.  Better yet, I felt loved!

Sunday morning, I received my first highly anticipated Mother's Day phone call and joyfully looked forward to hearing from each child throughout the day.    These cherished phone calls  all consist of  basically the same thing.........you kids telling me  Happy Mother's Day, me asking about your lives and you sharing tidbits of your life with me.  They all end in basically the same way, with the  most wonderful words I live to hear: "I love you too mom."   I know you all love me and  am not sure why hearing the words "I love you" means so much to me, but it does.

Sunday night after dinner, dishes and Skipbo were done, Hannah handed me a 2 page hand written letter titled the ABC's of Mommy!  In that letter she recalled specific experiences, characteristics, talents, and even silly funny things that she loved about me. Natalie also handed me a hand written note of how she loved me and what I meant to her.  I went to bed with the sweetest feeling of being loved and cherished.

I share all this with you because words speak to my heart!  They uplift and comfort me.  They bring peace and assurance that I am accepted and loved.  Words bring me hope.  I reread  letters, emails, cards and notes because of how they make me feel each time I read them.  I play words spoken to me over and over in my mind so I can feel that love again and again.    It is safe to say that words are my love language.

Thank you dear family for your words!  I realize it is a need in me and I am grateful that you respond to that need.  Happy Mother's Day to me. It really was!   I love you all.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Ask and Ye Shall Receive"

It really is that simple.  All we need to do is  sincerely ask and we will receive.  What we receive and in what duration of time it will come is dependent on the Lord, but I consider the Lord's wisdom a huge plus when it comes to my needs.

Yesterday morning, Holly gave our family prayer.  In that prayer she asked  Heavenly Father to help me with the sewing of her prom dress.  Odd request to some, but I got it. Here's why.   After getting the dress sewn together, it was evident that their was a design flaw.  I wasn't sure just how to go about fixing it without having to go get more fabric and start over.  That morning of  Holly's prayer I had tried several "quick fixes" that did not have  favorable results.  Just as I was contemplating a trip to JoAnn Fabric in Vegas, I remembered the pictures of some dresses that Noelle had sent me earlier that morning.  I brought them up on the computer and there it was.............the answer to my design woes and Holly's prayer.  I immediately realized that one of the dresses was very similar to her prom dress and if I made the skirt to resemble the one on the computer, it would solve my dilemma.   And it did!

Over the past few months in our family prayers, I have noticed that when dad prays he has asked Heavenly Father for opportunities to serve. I didn't give it much thought until a couple of weeks ago.  Dad has been inundated with requests and opportunities to help others.  He was at DI in St. George and a snowbird sister in our ward needed him to bring down a big piece of furniture which she had just bought.  Of course dad was happy to help her with that.  Another ailing couple in our ward has need for a ramp to be built onto their home, dad was called to head up that project.  Dad is also installing a wide door in the home of a paraplegic man in the ward.  Sister Novelli has requested dad's skills with some things she is concerned about in her home.  I heard dad tell Sis. Martinsen, that he had gone over to her house and taken care of what she was worried about.  I know there are many more that I don't even hear about.  My first response to all this demand on dad was:  "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  WHEN DO YOU EXPECT HIM TO EARN A LIVING!"

I have since repented and have spent time on my knees thanking Heavenly Father for:  1.  A husband that desires to help others and prays for those opportunities.  2.  A husband who has been blessed with the skill and knowledge that is so in demand.  3.  A husband who has recently been blessed with good health and can do what is required of him.

Dad's little band of needy are really the "least of these".  Heavenly Father has entrusted them to a good man. Our family has been blessed by dad's humble prayer to be of service and by his example of doing just that

I write that my children may know..........I BELIEVE IN PRAYER!