Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Gentleness Enfolds Me

"I feel my Savior's love; it's gentleness enfolds me."  That is exactly how I felt this morning at 5:23 am.  I awoke to the sound of someone's voice tenderly calling my name.  I immediately sat up and answered "what" as I turned and looked at Jared.  He was asleep.  I then reached for my cell phone to see if it was my vibrating alarm that had actually woke me up.  It wasn't.  I pondered for a few minutes on what had taken place.  I couldn't distinguish if it was a male or female voice; it was just a serene, peaceful voice and it was speaking to me.  I immediately felt  so loved; wishing that I could be wakened every morning in that manner.

As we gathered for breakfast, I shared my experience with Jared and Hannah.   I was still feeling remnants of the love that had accompanied the sweet calling of my name.  Although it was fleeting, I recognized it as an expression of the Savior's love for me and that he was aware of me.

A few months ago, I experienced that feeling of complete love from the Savior in a sacrament meeting.  I desired so desperately to know that the Savior was mindful of me and the things that troubled me.  I came to church fasting, repenting, offering my broken heart and hoping that He could mend it.  What I received was far more than I ever could express.  For just a few moments, while the sacrament was being passed, I was overcome with  an overwhelming feeling of love from the Lord that I had never, ever experienced before or since.  It was beyond description, and it left me far to quick.  But I did know, with compete certainty, that  Jesus Christ knew me personally, that he had accepted my offering of repentance and not only offered me his forgiveness, but his love beyond degree.

I have since tried to recapture that magnificent feeling I had that Sabbath day. It hasn't happened until this morning.  Although it was not nearly as intense, I felt enfolded in the gentleness of my Savior's love.  He is mindful of me.  He knows me.  He champions me and desires my eternal happiness.  Of this I know and testify.

I write...that my children may know their mother has a testimony of her Savior's love.