Sunday, May 11, 2014

Five Mothers I Admire and Love

It was a long drive home from Idaho yesterday, but I filled the time nicely by thinking about mothers. Here are some of those thoughts.

As I contemplated the role that my mother now plays in my life, I was overcome with gratitude.  Gratitude that I still had her; gratitude of the empathy and love she still gives me every single day.  I have had experiences where I have known that I was getting through a trial simply because I knew mom was on her knees praying for me. The power of a mother's prayer is very real and I have experienced that power.
My heart is filled with love, honor and respect because of the amazing person and mother I have.  I love you mom..

 I have always maintained that I was blessed to have the perfect mother-in-law, but she surpasses that role.  I think of her more as a wonderful, caring mother who loves me dearly.  I often ponder the many trials she has had in her life and I stand in awe of the strong, faithful woman she is today.  I take courage and strength from her courage and strength.  I love you Pat.

Every chance I get, I share what an amazing mother Brittney is.  I am awed by her patience; her ability to help Molly learn to reason and think for herself, and so much more.  I have learned much in watching Brittney and know that she is committed to motherhood.  Oh how grateful I am that Molly has her for a mother!  I love you Brittney.

I have learned from this little mother-to-be too!  Noelle has empowered herself with knowledge!!  I love hearing her tell me the things she has learned in her marriage and parenting classes.  I love that she seeks out and digests every bit of information she can so that she can be wise and thoughtful in the raising of her children.  I love her commitment to raising her children in a Christ-centered home.  I am at peace, content and happy for little granddaughter Hillam and the mother who will raise her.  I love you Noelle.

I have spent time contemplating another special mother!  I love Emily's mom!  I love how invested she is with her children and my  children as well!  Marilyn is committed to families, regardless of who's they are.  I love that she cared enough for Grandma Skousen to drive all night to get Emily to grandpa's funeral.  I feel blessed and so grateful to know that Emily will be much like her mother when she becomes a mother herself. I love you Emily and I love you too Marilyn!

My Mother's Day is a reflective one today.  I am so grateful for these good mothers, sweet, dear friends all of them.

Friday, May 2, 2014


For years Judy and I have walked around our beloved Honey Bee Pond  in the spring time mornings.  The views are spectacular.  Lining the pond are tall grassy reeds.  Before you ever see a duck you hear them, along with the various birds that inhabit the reeds.  You then turn a corner to come upon the pond itself and the life that is peacefully gliding on top.  A random grouping of palm trees stand erect just beyond the water and all of that is nicely framed with the beautiful mesa in the background.  So serene and calming.

On the downside, you smell the stagnant water; fight the pesky gnats and occasionally slip on the slimy muck that is along the waters edge.  But still it is one of my favorite walks of all time!

Last year I was devastated to find that the rangers had emptied the pond and burned everything around it!  All that was left was the slimy muck and charred remnants.  Judy and I cursed the rangers that would do such a horrible thing.  What on earth were they thinking?  That pond was one of my "go to places" for peace and comfort and now it was destroyed!

Fast forward one year.  Judy and I decided it was time to return  to our  Honey Bee Pond and went there earlier this week.   The reeds were abundant;  tall, green and thick.  The sounds of the ducks, geese and birds filled the air.  And then we turned the corner.................MAJESTIC PEACE!!!  The water was clean, void of slimy muck and a stagnant smell.  There were only dragonflies flitting around; no  pesky gnats.Resting on a  beautiful, little island that was now out in the middle of the pond, was  a regal white egret just waiting to take flight.

To say that Honey Bee Pond was now better than before would be a huge understatement.  It wasn't just better, it was different.  Changed.  Renewed.  Breathtaking.  Peace giving.  Even sacred.

A burn was needed.  The rangers knew what they were doing.  The pond had to be emptied so the sun could burn off the slimy muck and harden the earth again.  The vegetation needed to be burned so that it could come back healthy, thick and strong.  And  the island..........  sweet refinement for this little pond.

"When through fiery trials thy pathway shall lie,
My grace, all sufficient, shall be thy supply.
The flame shall not hurt thee; I only design
Thy dross to consume and thy gold to refine.