Sunday, May 11, 2014

Five Mothers I Admire and Love

It was a long drive home from Idaho yesterday, but I filled the time nicely by thinking about mothers. Here are some of those thoughts.

As I contemplated the role that my mother now plays in my life, I was overcome with gratitude.  Gratitude that I still had her; gratitude of the empathy and love she still gives me every single day.  I have had experiences where I have known that I was getting through a trial simply because I knew mom was on her knees praying for me. The power of a mother's prayer is very real and I have experienced that power.
My heart is filled with love, honor and respect because of the amazing person and mother I have.  I love you mom..

 I have always maintained that I was blessed to have the perfect mother-in-law, but she surpasses that role.  I think of her more as a wonderful, caring mother who loves me dearly.  I often ponder the many trials she has had in her life and I stand in awe of the strong, faithful woman she is today.  I take courage and strength from her courage and strength.  I love you Pat.

Every chance I get, I share what an amazing mother Brittney is.  I am awed by her patience; her ability to help Molly learn to reason and think for herself, and so much more.  I have learned much in watching Brittney and know that she is committed to motherhood.  Oh how grateful I am that Molly has her for a mother!  I love you Brittney.

I have learned from this little mother-to-be too!  Noelle has empowered herself with knowledge!!  I love hearing her tell me the things she has learned in her marriage and parenting classes.  I love that she seeks out and digests every bit of information she can so that she can be wise and thoughtful in the raising of her children.  I love her commitment to raising her children in a Christ-centered home.  I am at peace, content and happy for little granddaughter Hillam and the mother who will raise her.  I love you Noelle.

I have spent time contemplating another special mother!  I love Emily's mom!  I love how invested she is with her children and my  children as well!  Marilyn is committed to families, regardless of who's they are.  I love that she cared enough for Grandma Skousen to drive all night to get Emily to grandpa's funeral.  I feel blessed and so grateful to know that Emily will be much like her mother when she becomes a mother herself. I love you Emily and I love you too Marilyn!

My Mother's Day is a reflective one today.  I am so grateful for these good mothers, sweet, dear friends all of them.

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