Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sliding Eyelids

I have come to the age where I do not trust my vision to determine if my make-up looks like that of an old lady. (You know the kind of old lady I am talking about.)   So this Sunday as I shared the bathroom with Holly and Hannah in getting ready for church, I asked them to check my eye shadow.  I shut my eyes and I felt their fingertips gently slide across my eyelids to blend the color a bit.  Suddenly Hannah exclaimed:  Mom, What is wrong with your eye!?"  Sensing Hannah's horror, Holly quickly answered:  "Hannah those are wrinkles, Mom is old!"  Apparently Hannah didn't like the fact that half of the skin on my face moved with her finger.  I wasn't offended.  In fact, I was pleased that Hannah hadn't really "noticed" the wrinkles and saggy skin prior to this incident.  Keeping my feelings in mind, Holly sweetly added: "Hannah, mom looks good for a fifty-three year old."   Having my daughters check my make-up, seeing my imperfections, and acknowledging my advancing years made me  love them a little bit more for some reason.

My face shows wear and tear, but I still feel like a silly, gullible girl much of the time.  I often wonder how old will I have to be to acquire wisdom, or am I destined to always be a silly, gullible girl.

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  1. Lori you are so beautiful! You don't look anywhere near 53 years old. I would never have described you as silly or gullible. You are FUN, HAPPY, KIND, LOVING...pretty much glowing in my eyes =), and oh so wise. Such an amazing mother, and so strong! I've already learned so much from you! Thank you for being just the way you are!!