Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shall The Youth Of Zion Falter......An Amazing Day At The Temple.

Today mom and I went to the Las Vegas Temple to participate in an endowment session.  As we were walking down the corridor to the ordinance room, we passed  young men donned in white suits and name tags.  Sure enough, when we entered our room, standing in the front of the room was an 18 year old boy.  He was calm, assured, and thoughtful as he officiated.  It was nice and  I really enjoyed the session.  I asked a temple worker later what was up with the young ordinance workers.  She said that they encourage sisters and elders who have received their calls and are in the process of waiting to report for their missions to  be set apart as official temple workers.  She mentioned that they learn so fast and are filled with such a powerful spirit and are a big asset to the temple.  Amen to that!

Thinking that my temple experience couldn't get any better, I walked into that beautiful Celestial room. Lining the walls and occupying every seat in that massive,amazing room, were missionaries!!  Lots and lots and lots of elders and sisters who had just participated in a special session.  It was breath-taking to say the least.  They were so beautiful and inspiring. is still touching to recall that scene.    Grandma Skousen whispered to me:  "I think this is a lot like what was welcoming Grandpa when he passed away."    I think it probably was too.  Such a glorious sight!!

Truly an amazing day at the temple.

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