Tuesday, December 3, 2013

26 Years of Wonderful Quirkiness!

It is always a treat to see Daniel. This is what I can usually expect upon first seeing him:  1)- He clasps  his hands together. 2)- He cocks his head to one side.  3)- He gently shrugs his shoulders while at the same time he 4)- coyly smiles. If he is accompanied by Emily he will 5)- turn and look at her and nod his head back and forth a few times with his lips pursed together.  (Think about it.............I have pegged it perfectly have I not?!)

Oh how I love my animated Daniel.  His antics have brought me much needed comic relief through the years. What would life be like without the "Daniel language"? - Dad, Holly, Hannah and I tried to recall how he used to speak while growing up.  Not one of us could remember.  Please, for the sake of preserving his childhood language, please respond with words, phrases, etc., that you remember.  I do fondly recall him walking into a room where I was, raising his  index finger and saying:  "food please" .  I also remember (not so fondly) him repeating "Mommy do you love me?" over and over and over and OVER!!!.  Share what you remember!

I think of the many imitations he has done throughout the years; baby Elise, Marvin, Sis. Wimer, Bolton Baby, mommy sneezing, various general authorities, etc. I think of his hand actions; Greta doing various things, Pappy yicking his yong yeg, baby caterpillar, and the creepy one he does now with his middle finger pointed out.  Oh such cherished Daniel-isms that must be remembered for posterity.

Daniel, you are a joy. You brighten a dark day.  Heavenly Father blessed you with a unique personality that has blessed so many others.  I am so grateful for that personality.  You continue to always make me smile. Happy Birthday son.  I love you. Mommy

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