Friday, December 6, 2013

Heart Words

I got on FaceBook this morning and noticed a post on my live feed by someone who seldom writes.  The post was in regards to one of those picture/quote things that everyone shares from time to time.  The picture/quote thing was nice, even inspirational, but it was his response that  has occupied my thoughts for the past few hours.

He expressed gratitude for "heart words" such as 'thank you'; 'I am sorry'; 'Please forgive me'; and 'I love you'. 

Why are these heart words?   They open up a closed heart.  They allow for a broken heart.  They repair a broken heart.  And probably most importantly, they bind a heart to another heart. These heart words have power to change an outlook, a person, a relationship, a family.

I need heart words said to me and I need to express them to others.  Thank you Brad, for your thought-provoking post this morning.

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