Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Magical World of Brittney

I have always loved Brittney from the first moment I heard her voice on the phone, but I have come to admire and cherish who Brittney is.  With each wonderful visit to our home, I learn more and more about this truly amazing person.  I do not just love her; I, more importantly, LIKE her!

Brittney brings a  much needed element to our family.  When she is here, she drinks in each moment of family bonding as she possibly can.  I love that even a lazy night of watching movies is an "experience" for her! By simply adding a facial masque, nail polish, and a camera, Brittney has created a lasting memory.  Brittney adds her magical touch to make things just a little more fun, and a little more important.

I love that Brittney loves me and that she shows her acceptance and love of me in the tenderest of ways.  She snuggles up with me on the love seat when I am cold.  She talks to me and listens to me talk.  She accompanies me and Judy on our morning adventures when she is here and understands how therapeutic and priceless they are.  Did I mention that Brittney, Judy and I were actually shot at on one of our  morning walks together? Some hunters mistook  us for dove............serious!  We hit the ground and took cover until we felt it was safe to come out of the brush. We could actually feel the buck shot whizzing past us and I was actually scared! OH  I LOVE THAT MEMORY!!   ( I love having you come with us Brittney.  It is fun having you share in those experiences with me.)

You are a breath of fresh air to  our family.  You bring us all closer together.    You make things special and memorable.  How grateful and HAPPY that you are ours and that we are yours. I love you dear daughter. Happy, happy birthday!   Love Lorri

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