Sunday, February 17, 2013

Practice & Prayer Makes Perfect

November 1993

Our family was given a wonderful blessing a couple of weeks ago.  The music chairman, Beverly Judd, asked Jared if our family would sing in church.  Well needless to say, Jared was not thrilled about it.  He accepted the assignment, making it clear that the only reason our family would do this was because when Gene R. Cook came to our stake conference over a year ago, he emphasized the need to have families provide the musical numbers in our meetings.

It didn't take much preparation.  We had all learned the words to a sweet, little Primary song called "Every Star Is Different" and had sung it  in our FHE all year long.  And to even make it better, Derrick had selected that song for his piano lessons.  He had perfected it and passed it off the month before.

After much talking and encouragement, Derrick finally consented to play it for us in sacrament meeting.  I knew he was just so nervous and scared.  I am sure he was probably worried about being teased by  his friends, especially if he goofed up.  We prayed and prayed that he'd do ok and not be nervous.  I wanted this to be a good experience for him.  He played it at home so many times perfectly and I knew the Lord would recognize his efforts and bless him for that.

On Sunday, Nov. 12th, our family stood up before the Meadows Ward, with Derrick at the piano and sang our hearts out.  Derrick played beautifully, not a single flaw.  I made the mistake of glancing over at him while he played the introduction and I just about lost it.  I was so proud of him.  As I started to sing, I felt my throat tighten up and the tears start to well up in my eyes.  I really had to concentrate hard so I could sing.  All the kids did so well.

After sacrament meeting ended Derrick got mauled by adults coming up to him to shake his hand or pat him on the back. People kept telling him how good he had done.  Even when he went to Primary, some of the teachers came up and told him how good his piano playing was.  It was just what he needed to hear!

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