Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Falling in Love

*  I don't have a date on this journal entry, but it was written some time after Jan. 1980.

Many months have passed ...since I've last written my feelings and thoughts.  My life certainly has changed. Boy I do have to get caught up.

A very special person has come into my life.  Jared Kimball Rust got home off his mission Oct. 6th.  He toured with his parents for two weeks and then got home around the 19th or 21st.  I went to pick him up at the airport with Danielle and I was scared stiff.  I remember seeing him and not knowing what to do!  I decided to break the ice by hugging him.  I was slightly disappointed when he showed no response at all.

As we began to see each other and develop the friendship we shared before his mission, I found myself falling in love!  Man, I fought it all the way.  I couldn't believe I was beginning to melt by his charm and personality.  It scared me so bad.  I knew right from the beginning that he was falling for me and likewise, he wasn't to pleased with the fact either.

I remember my dad telling me that I was going to marry that guy if I kept seeing him every night.  I just would laugh at him.  I never thought I would ever get close enough to Jared to even think about marriage.

*Another dateless post :(  - 1980 

Life with Jared has been exciting.  He's so sensitive to me, but his personality has many facets.  He can be a teasing kind of mean guy, but he know his limits.  He know when it's time to stop and wrap his arms around me and tell me he loves me.  He's outdoorsie!  I love it.  He enjoys hunting and sports.  But even in that, he takes moderation.  He can sense when I'm bored with football games or basketball games and he can walk away from them and do something more appealing to my tastes.

His dad once told me that in their family of him and his four sons,  that Jared was the best hunter.  He was the one who thought out the whole process, he was the one who would use skill in his hunting, and the one to keep going until he got his deer. I was so proud when he told me that.  I just wish that he would have told Jared what he told me.

Jared is just a neat, well-rounded guy with a young  girl who loves him very much.  I still can't believe that Jared Rust actually loves me and really wants to marry me! It startles me every time I think about it honestly.  I still can't believe that a good-looking, spiritual, sensitive and totally crazy man wants to marry me!

I remember a time, just a few weeks after his mission, we had been going out and were hanging around each other all the time.  We had just began to develop a deep friendship   We were driving to Tommy and Marilyn Hill's house because they had invited Jared to eat dinner with them so he was taking me along.  I asked him in the car if he thought he could ever marry me.  I couldn't believe those words came out of  my mouth.  It startled him and me!  He said something to the effect that it would never last.  I always wondered why he said that.

I love him!  What am I going to do!

*Nov 9th, 1980 Journal Entry (Jared and I are both up at BYU)

I was just over at Jared's apt for dinner.  He made lasagna.  He's such a good cook.  I really feel inferior to him when it comes to cooking skills.  He's all moved in now and he wanted me to see how he and Jim decorated their bedroom.  All these memories came to mind when I saw all the things I had given him.  I sent him a big, fat, stuffed heart in the mail.  It's call fat mail.  I loved seeing it there.  There's a newspaper hanging up that I had printed at Circus Circus for him that says:  "Believe It or Not - Lorri Really Does Love Jared".  There is plaques and mirrors that I gave him, and there is the blue plaid quilt that I made him for Christmas.

Nov 16, 1980

Jared is working up here. He is building this building called The Cotton Tree Inn.  Jared is very knowledgeable when it comes to construction.  It really make me proud of him to see him do work like that.  It's hard, but it teaches him so much. Jared is very intelligent and has a sharp mind.  But he is super coordinated too and can fix anything .  He has fixed a lot of things for me and my family and it makes me so proud.  He is constantly working on his car.  You'd think by him putting that much time into it , it would be great, but it is always breaking down. It cracsk me up.  I think Jared enjoys it however, just so he can fix it.

Jared has so many wonderful qualities   I compare him so much to my dad.  And to me, there is no one who is a better person than my dad.  I have the highest respect for him.  Jared is starting to form that image in my eyes.  I find myself holding him on a pedestal.

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