Saturday, February 16, 2013

Interviewing Derrick, Brandon and Daniel

Jan 3, 1993 Journal Entry

Brandon - age 7

Best Friend - Sean Atkinson; because he's the closest
Favorite Food - Pepperoni Pizza; mom's homemade
Girlfriend - Noelle
Favorite Christmas Present - Major League Baseball Nintendo
Why You Love Dad -  He takes me to baseball and basketball and football games.
Favorite Activity - Playing Monopoly with Derrick
Why You Love Mom - She's always home when I get home from school.
Favorite Story in Book of Mormon - Captain Moroni
Favorite Primary Song - Every Star is Different

Daniel - age 5

Best Friend -  Tyler Drew
Favorite Food - meat
Favorite Game / Activity - Bingo
Favorite Christmas Present -  The Big Mickey Mouse Yahtzee Game
Girlfriend - Tara in Mrs. Allenhouse's kindergarten class
Why You Love Dad - Because he brings me home some baseball cards.
Why You Love Mom - She always gives me kisses.
Favorite Person in the Book of Mormon - Jesus Christ, because he's the Son of God.
Favorite Movie - Home Alone 2
Favorite song - I Love To See the Temple
What You  Like to Do at School - Going to Kindergarten

Derrick - age 9

Favorite Food - potatoes with cheese casserole, any kind of spaghetti and any kind of pizza
Favorite Book of Mormon Person - Captain Moroni, because he's brave and courageous.
Why I Love Dad - because he take me places.
Why I Love Mom - because you keep the house clean.
Best Friend - Andy Hanks, Derrick Hall, and Billy Zero
Favorite Subject at School - recess, GATE and lunch., sometimes math and sometimes science and any kinds of tests.
Favorite Activity - playing games outside with friends.
What Do You Like to Do For FHE - play Twenty Questions and games like family games.
If You Could Do Anything - use my whole brain and then I could do anything.
Best Thing About Being Oldest Child. - I get to do stuff before anyone else like I get to go to 4th grade and becoming a Deacon - so I can give Brandon pointers.
Favorite Treat or Dessert - anything with plain chocolate chips
Favorite Christmas Present - I don't have a favorite - I like all of them.  Yahtzee.
Why You Love Noelle - because she always comes and kisses me on the cheek and because she sings "I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus."

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