Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Life with Two Little Boys

July 28th, 1985 Journal Entry

My boys are beautiful.  Derrick, now  2 years and 3 months old, is such a cutie pie.  Brandon, only  4 months, is an absolute joy.  I just came out of Derrick's room; it is 10:35  pm and he's trying hard to settle down and go to sleep.  He's such a good boy and he always reminds us that he needs to say his prayers.  Jared got him into that routine.  He will always go to bed without much of a fuss even when he is not at all tonight!

Derrick is such a smart boy.  Of course I would say that.  He has known his entire alphabet for 8 months now.  He can also count up to 30.  We are so proud of him.  he adores his daddy and loves to play  "rough" with him.  Lots of times he is so rambunctious with us, but he is a very sensitive child also.  Derrick can handle being told no by us and will obey, but when someone else tells him no, he gets his feelings hurt and becomes introverted

Brandon is the sweetest little baby.  Life has been a complete joy with him.   Derrick loves him so much!  The first thing Derrick does is to look around to see where Brandon is at.  If he can't fined him , he runs around looking for me and asks: "Where did Nanee go?"  He has been so gentle with him.  He kisses him all the time and offers him a "peanut bibber and jelly mamich".

Derrick is talking so much these days!  He comes up with some things that just crack us up. He always says he wants to eat Chex or pancakes for breakfast.  He really says those words clearly.  He loves "Memeen Up (7-Up) and "Toke"  (Coke).

He is such an independent little boy.  He wants to do everything by himself.  I let him do everything  he can.  He helps me clean the house every morning.  His favorite jobs are vacuuming  washing the kitchen table, and misting the plants with the squirt bottle. He also helps with Brandon.  He will get the diapers, throw away the "icky"ones and even wipe up Brandon and stick the diaper tabs together.

He entertains Brandon in the mornings by climbing in his crib and playing with him.  Oh....Derrick is a climber! He often scales the refrigerator to get the raisins on top.  ( I hid them, but nothing is hid from Derrick.)

Brandon is my roller.  He will roll to get from one place to another.  But tonight, Jared and I noticed that he is starting to pull himself across the carpet with his arms.  He clutches on to some carpet and holds on with all hims might and then he pulls his body with  his arms.  he is a strong, little cus!

I love having my two boys.  Some day I hope I will have a little girl, but I wouldn't mind at all if I had a few more boys.

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