Saturday, February 16, 2013

Daniel's Little Boy Antics

Jan 5, 1993 journal Entry

Let me write some more about Daniel; some things that stand out in my mind.

When Daniel was about three years old, he and Jared were playing on the bed. They like wrestling and tickling each other.  Jared was laying on his back and Daniel lifted up Jared's shirt and saw his hairy belly.  With a puzzled look on his face he said :  "Dad, you got lots of fur!"

One thing that was something to watch was Daniel throwing a temper tantrum.  Because of his lack of verbal skills, his tantrums consisted mainly of body language.  He would jump up and down and his feet would be pulled way up to his bum. It was like he was spring loaded or on a trampoline because he would get a lot of height. It was more than we could do to try to not laugh when he'd do this.

Now at 5, Daniel still can throw a fit, but it's much more verbal.  He has a personality that parallels Derrick's in many ways.  He gets upset if things aren't kept on schedule or if something happens out of the ordinary.

 The kid could drink a gallon of water twenty minutes before bed, but if  he doesn't have a drink right before he goes to bed, he will not go to sleep.  He has even tried to sneak in the kitchen after we've gone to bed to get  one, only  because it is part of his nightly schedule.  I now have learned it is much easier on me to always let him have his drink right before bed no matter what.  It saves having to listen to him yelling for his drink all night.

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