Saturday, December 22, 2012

"Blessed are your eyes, for they see". Matt 13:16

I have loved my time remembering and contemplating  Brittney these past couple of weeks. I knew instantly what spiritual gift I would write about and I also recalled the sweetest experience that a mother-in-law could ever hope to have with her daughter-in-law.  In honor of this amazing person, I joyfully share those things with you today.

In a General R.S. Broadcast, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf spoke on the divine ability for women to create.   His words were beautiful and inspiring. 

These are not innate gifts for me, but Brittney, on the other hand,  is the epitome of Elder Uchtdorf's message. And I value that so much in her. I believe that she was born into this world with the ability to see  things in their most beautiful, even celestial state, regardless of how they appear to look at the moment. (Matt 13:16)  I believe that she has been given the gift  be an instrument to bring about that transformation, whether it be her thrift store treasures, culinary creations, and even her most important relationships.  

I have seen Brittney utilize this gift in many, many ways.   Creativity is just in her and she can't help to use that gift in everything she does.  When she and Derrick were first married, Brittney hand-made cute, creative birthday cards for each member of the family.  I am not sure who received the first one, but after that, we each anticipated getting our "Brittney Birthday Card" in the mail.  It doesn't surprise me one bit that she found a job decorating cakes.  And her "Junk In The Trunk" adventures are just a testament of  the gift she has been blessed with.

It was a learning experience going  fabric shopping with Brittney.  She helped me to be able to see what I wanted my living room to eventually become.  She pointed things out that I would never have thought about.  I learned on that shopping adventure, that Brittney is a very aware of details and how details work together to create something wonderful.  

Creation is a sacred  gift used to bless that what is of most importance to the Lord.  Brittney has been blessed with spiritual eyes that allow her to see what  things and people can eventually can become.  I love how Brittney utilizes that gift in her home.  Derrick and Molly are the recipients of her gift.  She envisions beauty and develops skills to bring about what she envisions.  I love how she uses that gift to raise Molly, constantly aware of what she can teach her so that she has the opportunity to expand and develop.  I know Brittney has the ability to see Derrick as the Savior sees him and works to create that type of relationship with him. 

This gift is so far-reaching.  Every calling Brittney has, every child she influences, every task she sets out to do, with be done under the power of  "creation".  Pres. Uctdorf said:  "You will make the world a better place".  You have already made my world a better place.

Now I share the most awesome memory I have of Brittney.  Brittney and Derrick had probably been married only a year or less and they had come to visit.  This was when we lived on the hill in Larry's house.  One lazy afternoon, I was in my bedroom laying on my bed watching a movie.  I don't recall the movie.  But I do recall Brittney jumping into bed, pulling the covers up and watching the movie with me!  I must admit, I didn't expect that at all, but I remember thinking:  " I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS GIRL!!!"   Of course my room was messy, the bed wasn't made, and I was undoubtedly in my robe......But it didn't matter to Brittney! What mother-in-law wouldn't give her all to have that kind of experience with her daughter-in-law.  O how I love you Brittney and I love that sweet, treasured memory.    I just want to be a more accepting, fun loving person just thinking about it.  

I consider you to be one of my most cherished gifts.  Our family is blessed to have you part of us.  Happy Birthday my sweet Brittney.  I Love you. Lorri

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