Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Govern your[self] in meekness, and be steadfast." D&C 31:9

Meekness:  "Not easily provoked....  Mighty in self-control" - Pres. Harold B. Lee
Steadfast:   "Resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering... i.e., steadfast loyalty." - Webster Online Dictionary

When my visiting teachers came this morning, I mentioned that  today is Hannah's birthday. As we began to briefly "discuss" Hannah, tears started to well up in Mindy Leavitt's eyes and when she tried to speak, her words had a hard time getting past the lump in her throat.  After a long pause, she told me how grateful she was that Hannah was such a  good friend to her daughter. Other things were said and I gathered from Mindy's comments that  Hannah's steadfast loyalty and meekness  (refer back to definition above please) are a huge source of comfort for both she and Lindsey.

HANNAH IS NOT EASILY PROVOKED. At a time in her life, when friends play a huge part, Hannah often finds herself as the odd man out among her small group of peers.  She isn't provoked to feelings of resentment or self-pity and  she never engages in back-biting or teaming up against a friend.  Instead she waits.............  She waits until they come to their senses.  She waits until they abandon the inappropriate behavior.  She waits until they are friendless and choose to come back to their  loyal, unwavering friend. And Hannah is always there with open arms and a kind smile, to pick up right where they left off.

HANNAH IS MIGHTY IN SELF-CONTROL. Sometimes I find myself wanting Hannah to "stand her ground", "be more assertive and direct", "move on to a greener pasture"  and exhibit other less than meek-like qualities.  But she doesn't and she wont because she is truly mighty in self-control.  Even when her tenders feelings are hurt or her self-esteem is bruised, she chooses to "act" and not be "acted upon".  I often reflect on the maturity of that action.  It seems like Hannah came straight from heaven with a strong sense of acting on situations instead for letting them act upon her.  I often marvel at her leadership in all areas of her life.  It is this principle that sets her apart as a true leader among peers and adults.

HANNAH IS DUTIFULLY FIRM AND UNWAVERING.  Sometimes I am corrected by Hannah.  I confess that pride tends to take over and I am not  as receptive to her corrections as I should be.  But I would not want to thwart her actions in anyway.  Hannah is firm in her convictions of what is right or wrong and she does not waver in living them. And she certainly doesn't want the people who helped her form those convictions to waver in them either.  She is bothered greatly by those kind of inconsistencies.  She really is my north star....constant.

I get excited when I think of how the Lord will use you Hannah.  Meekness is so closely tied to godliness.  I really am in awe of who you are.  I urge you to continue to magnify and utilize those gifts so that they are firmly planted deep in your soul.   You are only fifteen, but you are so wise and spiritually mature.  You give me unmeasurable joy.  Happy Birthday dear daughter.  I love you.  Mommy

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