Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Thou Art Sober...and...Quick To Observe"

In keeping with my desire to  help our children recognize the spiritual gifts that they have been blessed with , Jared and I  spent some wonderful, sweet time discussing wonderful, sweet Noelle.

"I perceive that thou art a sober child, and art quick to observe".  When Jared voiced this gift of Noelle, I immediately and wholeheartedly agreed with him.  I had the very same thoughts and impressions.  When I asked Jared why HE picked this particular gift,  he shared an experience he had with Noelle when she first started college.  I will let him share that story so that it is told correctly.  But I have my own thoughts and feelings regarding this daughter who is sober and quick to observe.

Sober does not mean serious, stuffy and dull.When I think of a child that is sober I think of a child who is aware, conscientious and knows his duty, whatever that may be at that particular time.  As  a child, Noelle was aware and conscientious and knew her duty.  As an adult, Noelle is aware and conscientious and actively seeks to fulfill all her duties.  Not only is she quick to observe (see, understand), she is quick to observe (heed, do).

Because of these gifts and the degree that she utilizes them, she has created amazing opportunities in her short life.  I found a gem of a scripture that perfectly describes her ability to be quick to observe. "A wise man's heart discerneth both time and judgement."  Ecclesiastes 8:5   There has really never been a time in Noelle's life where she has squandered time.  It is a precious resource, even a precious gift to her.  She has a discerning heart that allows for her to make correct and compassionate judgments   These abilities have helped her to be quick to observe.    I was amazed and overwhelmed as I saw her carry out so many responsibilities in high school.  I could never figure out how she could do all that she did and do it all so well.

By the time Noelle entered college life, I just knew that she would always be anxiously engaged in good causes and accomplish much. I was talking with Noelle on the phone one day and she told me about receiving an email put out by BYUI informing the students of various activities, opportunities to serve, groups to join and other such things.  She was quick to observe and acted on many of them.  I believe that it was this email that led to her being the photographer for the intramural sporting events which led to the job opportunity that put her in charge of other photographers.  I honestly don't think it is even possible for Noelle to turn her back on what she perceives to be a good opportunity for her.  Taking note of this, I have often thought: " Today, I will act upon all good things that come my way and not let one opportunity slip away."  I am so grateful when I am quick to observe and I am so grateful for the precious daughter who gives me that example.

Noelle, your heart discerns time and judgment in the most amazing ways.  You are a sober women who is quick to understand and act.  These gifts have brought profound blessings  to your life.  The Lord now expects you to focus those gifts  on the lives of others, particularly the people of New York.  Your duty is to build up his kingdom by serving those people.   Your ability to see a need in another and then to act  will be your greatest accomplishment thus far in your life. Because of the magnitude of this spiritual gift, the Lord expects much from you.

Happy Birthday Noelle.  You have been given a gift which is now yours to give to others.  I am grateful to have had your example and  to learn from you.  Thank you for blessing our family and especially for blessing  me.  I love you.  Mommy

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