Monday, April 1, 2013

Game Farm Wishes

*Originally this was written on Molly's birthday, Mar. 26th.  I could not post it to my blog for some reason,so I posted it on our RUST LTD FB site.  I now happily add it  to my blog.  

Dear Molly,

As I lay in bed early this morning, I realized that I am fifty years older than you! That is a lot of years. I began to think of your little three-year old person, what you look like, what you do, how I perceive you, and also my hopes and dreams for you. It was a wonderful start to my day.

I continued thinking about you as Judy and I took off on our daily morning adventure. Today we headed for the US Wildlife Game Farm. I love the game farm. I view it as my own tranquil, deserty Garden of Eden. I can hardly wait to share my game farm with you some day, but today, I share with you, my game farm wishes.

Judy and I followed a little path the encircled one of the many ponds that are on this game farm. Lining the path are tall, straight desert cattails. I love desert cattails; the stalks are strong and upright, bending with the breeze, but never breaking. On the tip of the stalks, are tufts of a soft, feathery plant. When a breeze pops up the stalks sway, encouraging the delicate tips to gently float off in the air. Sometimes I blow the tips as if they are big dandelions and hope that my big wishes come true. As I thought of these cattails, I thought of you. I thought of how you pitter patter about, running on your tip toes from place to place, spreading your Molly magic where ever you go. I love it when we Skype and seeing you run, only stopping briefly to read a book or two. I love seeing your blonde curls bounce with each step. You create gentle breezes of love and fun throughout your day, bending here and there, letting everyone share in you!

One of my very favorite game farm things is its wildlife. Geese and ducks cover the ponds. Obnoxious wild turkeys cover the dirt roads and fields. Other animals hide in the bushes and trees, only showing themselves on rare occasions. It is fascinating to be privy to their lives for a minute or two. As we were walking on the outskirts of a lush, green field, I spied four long necks, with pointy, little Canadian Geese heads attached, popping up out of the foliage. Their bodies were completely hidden. Although their movements were very slight, I could see that they necks and heads were almost always in constant motion. They would quickly turn their heads and fix their eyes on their surroundings. These geese were aware of every step we took. They were aware of the flock of ducks that had just left the pond and were skyward bound. They were aware of every chirp, croak and caw. They were taking in all that that moment had to offer. Once again, I thought of you Molly. I thought of your big, beautiful eyes drinking in every thing you see. I thought of your active, alert mind expanding every day. I thought of your wide all encompassing smile, letting everyone know that you are a happy, content little girl. Yes, you are very much like my geese friends; constantly aware and taking it all in.

The morning adventure ended in the most wonderful of ways. We must have been too noisy and undoubtedly startled a big beautiful Blue Heron out of the safety of her pond. I looked up just in time to see her clearing the reeds; her long body sleek and streamlined and I sensed that she was very determined. And then it happened! She open her huge, majestic wings and with one powerful thrust, she took flight. It was inspiring to witness, and I felt the sacredness of that beautiful sight. I couldn't help my excitement and awe as I thought of the time when you will spread your wings and take flight. You will know and more importantly feel, that you are a cherished daughter of God, full of confidence, talents, knowledge and love. You will soar to heights that I can not even imagine.Your flight, Miss Molly, will be majestic, determined and sacred.

It is now our little game farm "Garden of Eden"; yours and mine. I see us walking hand in hand down our cattail lined path, watching our geese and experiencing our Blue Heron's flight together. I can hardly wait until that happens. Happy Birthday Molly Dolly! I miss you and I love you. Grandma

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