Thursday, April 25, 2013

Note to Beebz....

*  This post is not promoting any specific relationships whatsoever. 

 I am so grateful that my sons are attracted to good, virtuous girls. I have always know that they will marry amazing women.  Brittney and Emily are testaments of that.  But this post is regarding my daughters.  Jared is fierce when it comes to the men who will claim his girls; I understand that and am thankful  he is.   Noelle, Natalie and Holly  have been blessed to know and date righteous young men.   Their standard has been set for them .   I do not see them settling for less when it comes to who they will choose to marry.   Beebz, here is that standard.  Learn it, understand it, and when the time comes to date, you do not settle for less.

Enter Eric, Bowen and Dirk.   Again, I am not pushing relationships; but I truly love these three young men.   Some day I might  tell them, but for now I tell you.  I love how they  treat my girls.  I love how they have treated me. Chivalry is not dead or obsolete.  Simple, little acts tell great things about who you are.

1.  They always open every door for you.  * Not only did Eric do this for Noelle, he did it for me.
2.  They look out  for you  first and foremost in all things.  *  Love how Dirk will always make sure that Holly gets the comfortable chair instead of the hard one when they are at the table.
3.  Their words are kind, appropriate and uplifting.  *  Natalie couldn't have helped but think that she was the most beautiful, important person in the world when Bowen asked her to prom. ( must share  that with us.)
4.   Helping others just comes natural to them.  * Holly told me about how Dirk and one other boy were the only two out of eight, that helped clean up dinner when they had it on the mesa for a girl's reverse date.  It was cold & windy and  everyone else hopped into the cars to keep warm.  Holly said that it made her feel so good that Dirk was that kind of person.  * When Noelle was down last week and we started to clean the house, Eric came up to me and asked for chores to do.  After he would finish them, he came and got more. He was  humble and kind and so HAPPY to help out.   *  When I asked Bowen to help Natalie throw a surprise party for Holly's 16th birthday, he was excited to do it and went the extra mile to make it fun for her and Natalie.
5.  They are just all-around good  people.  *  All three of these young men are happy and pleasing to be around.  They smile.  They laugh.  They are positive. They are respectful.

There you have it Beebz.  I have just given you snippets of examples of their character, but you get the idea.

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