Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Suffer The Children

I am the Primary chorister in my ward.  I love this calling and as cliche as it sounds, yes, the children really do teach me every week. This past Sunday was no exception.

As the Jr. Primary children hurried into the primary room after sacrament meeting , I stood in front of the room  and sang songs, welcoming them in.  This is what I do every week.

Little three year-old Lauren Hopkins was having a very hard time in Primary. Her mother, Larissa, sat beside her for a few minutes,  reassured  her, and then got up to leave. Lauren tried to suppress her tears, but it was more than her little heart could take and she began to sob.  I guess it was more than Larissa's heart could take as well, and  she went back and sat by daughter.    Once again Larissa comforted Lauren,  and stood to leave. And  again, Lauren began to sob.  Larissa took courage and did what a mom needs to do sometimes; she did not go back.  

I quickly began singing  fun little action songs with the children in hopes that I could catch Lauren's attention and keep her from crying.  It didn't work.  Her crying increased, but I was so surprised by how still and reverent the rest of the children were.  They were softy singing as if to comfort  their little friend.  . 

Then something amazing happened.  As we were quietly singing I watched four-year old Joseph Bolton reverently get up from his chair.  He walked behind where Lauren was sitting and put his arm around her shoulders, while bending over to show her that it was him.  So calm. So sacred. So perfect.  As Lauren's cries began to subside,  Joe quietly returned back to his seat never saying a word.

Tears filled my eyes as I realized I stood on sacred ground.  I had just witnessed love, even charity in its purest form.

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