Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Another morning, another adventure!  As we were looking for a new place to hike, Judy drove down to the end of a street and entered  past a gate, undoubtedly on to someone's property.  There was a little dirt road off to the right  and we figured we would be fine to park up by what was obviously an abandoned house.   Judy hid the keys under a rock  and we started walking toward  the hills.

We hiked up to the top of a  stately mesa, walked a ways and then shimmied down the side  into a nice, new wash for us to explore.  We followed the wash back to the direction of where the car was parked.  Remember we have a rule.....never walk back the same way we came.  With that in mind, we continued down this wash  and I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair of nice reading glasses that actually matched my prescription   I cleaned them off and stuck them on top of my head.  We like to find treasures on our adventures.   Last week Judy found an abandoned turtle shell.

The wash led us to a field thick with Mesquite trees.  For those who don't know what a Mesquite tree is, I will tell you that in the winter they are leafless, ugly, black thick bushes with pointy sharp spikes covering the branches.  As we carefully navigated between these hideous trees we soon found ourselves blocked in.  We could see the house where the car was parked and we could see the road just beyond, but we could not get passed those trees!

Judy found a small (by small, I mean cat-like small) opening under some grey, stickery bushes. She daintily  crouched down and scampered  to  the other side.  Judy is small, catlike herself and did this with much ease and grace, without so much as a hair on her head out of place.  I am not small, and when I crouched down, I was still three sizes too big for the opening.  Down on all fours, I began to push my way through the thicket.  The branches scrapped and poked  me with every little movement.   I had to continually free my hair, skin and clothes from their grasp.  It was ugly and messy and I was not happy!  I finally broke through to the other side, and I felt like I had just accomplished something truly monumental!  I was in pain and looked like I had endured a cat fight .............but I was finally through!

We made our way to the car, hopped in and drove back to the gate, which was now closed and pad locked.    I must admit, I got a little nervous as we saw a man  walking towards us.  Judy began to plead our case after the  man explained  that this was all his property .  He then told us that he had seen the car and went to check it out.  Upon finding a women's wallet left behind inside, he was somewhat concerned and called the police.  He introduced  himself as  Greg Cleveland.  I told him my name and of course he already knew Judy's name because the  police had run a check on her car.  He was very kind and made a quick call back to metro to let them know we had been located and were safe.

Greg invited us to take a walk on his property to share with us his vision for his 100 acre ranch.  As we started to walk,  I felt like he was staring at me.  I quickly remembered the glasses that I had found and had propped up on my head.     Yep..............they were his!   Not only had we trespassed his property  but I had stolen his glasses too.


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  1. LOL What a funny adventure!! Glad you are ok after all that!