Monday, June 25, 2012

Adventures With Judy ...Part 2

When the thermometer says 80 degrees outside at 5:30 in the morning, Judy and I  head to the game farm where the many ponds and over-grown trees allow for us to walk without suffering heat stroke. We have been doing that for the past three weeks.

This morning we headed towards an area of the game farm that we haven't  explored thoroughly and started down a dusty, cow-pied road.  After walking for 20 minutes or so, we came upon a herd of 15-20 cows out grazing in a meadow.  I asked Judy if wild cows were known to charge strangers.  She nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders and said she didn't know.

We didn't give it much thought because we continued walking down the road that would go past the cows who appeared to be more interested in their breakfast than two old women out for their morning exercise....or so we thought.

As we got closer,  the cows started to circle up.  We thought they were just a little intimidated by us, but again, no big deal,  and we continued walking almost to where we were parallel with them.  The only thing that separated us was a row of overgrown weeds.

All of the sudden six or seven cows turned around to face us and stared us down.  We stopped in our tracks as we watched each cow turn to face us.  No big deal, we just turned around and started  to walk away.  We did hear some excessive mooing and upon looking over our shoulder we saw  the herd running towards the road, right in our direction.  After we shot each other the "how do we get ourselves into these situations" glance, we started running with all our might.  Every now and then we would look back only to see huge clouds of dust indicating the cows were still on the rampage.  HUGE BIG DEAL...and we were scared!

Because you are reading this blog post is proof that we made it back home safe and sound, but not without it effects on my poor poor knees.  I can barely walk this afternoon!  Would I trade the experience to not have painful knees..............NO WAY!

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