Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Learning Development Plan

* Another BYU assignment.....let's you know a little more about me.

List the significant learning style strengths you identify in yourself. (Use the descriptions provided in the description about your learning style preference along with your personal observations.)
a. I enjoy the opportunity to be a leader in group projects and activities.
b. Making quick decisions and plans to carry them out is one of my strengths.
c. I don't look for the easy solutions and enjoy taking risks in organizing and implementing plans.

List the significant learning style weaknesses you identify in yourself. (Use the descriptions provided in the description about your learning style preference along with your personal observations.)
a. I often make quick decisions without regard to logistics and unforeseen problems.
b. I tend to focus mainly on my course of action rather than to listen to what others want to do.
c. I often need to redo as a result of not thinking things through.

1.Describe the relationships you will develop with people who have learning styles that contrast with yours.(Include what you will ask from the people or expect to get from the association.)
a. I will listen more intently to what my husband (a classic converger) shares about his job as a construction supervisor who uses models and logic to solve complex problems on a daily basis. I will ask him to show me how he did what he did at work and not just tell me what he did at work.
b. I will ask my institute teacher to show me how to make well thought out lesson plans. I will be mindful of his process of determining what is the best, most efficient use of both lesson and personal preparation time. I will also pay attention to his teaching techniques in involving the entire class and utilizing their input.
c. I will ask my employer to assist me in using more techniques of an assimilator learner. He is an orthodontist who gathers data on a daily basis to make decisions regarding the treatment of his patients. I will ask him to allow me to observe the problem solving and research aspects of his work.

2.Adjustments you will make to improve the match between your learning style and your life experiences. (Include changes you will make to your school, career, and family environment.)
a. I will seek out and listen to the opinions of the sisters that I work with in my Relief Society presidency. Before making a decision I will take time to think it through and be more receptive to their advice and counsel.
b. As I interact with my family I will be mindful of how they learn and I will choose to learn from them. I will do this by asking more questions, listening more intently, and paying closer attention to details.
c. At the end of the day I will evaluate as to what I did to seek out new opportunities, act on hunches and promptings, and how I was a positive influence on others.

3.Explain how you will become a more flexible learner. (Include how you will develop your abilities in learning style areas which are in contrast to your learning style preference.)
a. I will devote more thinking time to problems that arise. I will be careful to not hastily make decisions to solve problems until I have thought of all the consequences to my decisions
b. As hard as this will be I will relinquish some of my self-assigned duties as RS president to my counselors, allowing for me to be open to other alternatives plans and decisions.
c. I will take courses strengthening my abilities to make models and apply logic. I will learn to appreciate and apply these learning methods until I can count them as my strengths.
d. I will continue to strengthen basic study skills learned in lesson 4 until I become proficient at using them on a daily basis. I will strengthen my ability to better comprehend what I am reading.


1.Describe three personal and academic skills you have developed and will find easy to apply to your distance learning situation.
a. As a busy mother and wife, I have learned the skill of time management. Every day I prioritize my time so that I am productive and can accomplish what is needful.
b. I find it easy to apply situations and examples to my own life. I do this to have a greater understanding of how things operate and what meaning they can have for me personally.
c. I love personal reflection on almost everything I come in contact with. Whether it be listening to a talk, lesson, problem, or witnessing something from an outsider's point of view, I usually reflect on what impact it has on me personally.

2.Describe three personal skills you may need to develop to improve your distance learning.
a. I need to develop the skill of problem solving. As previously mention, I am a hasty decision maker and often I miss the mark of properly solving a problem in an efficient and effective manner. I find I waste time and have to go back to the beginning so to speak.
b. Deductive reasoning has never been my strong suit. In lesson 2, I was very pleased to learn deductive reasoning skills to better answer multiple choice and true /false test questions. It helped me immensely. I am excited to see how this skill can be widely applied to all of my distance learning adventures.
c. I will definitely continue to develop the skill of paying attention to detail. I can see how this skill can benefit learning. I tend to tune out last minute instructions when often important details are given. I also fail to observe what is going on around me and vital learning opportunities.

3.Describe three to five instructional methods you have already developed and how they will be to your advantage in distance learning.

a. I love to organize my papers. I tend to use outlines for lessons I teach, talks I prepare, and reports that I write. I feel that this type of organization will lend itself to be advantageous in distance learning simply because it keeps me organized and the computer can do so much of it for me.
b. I feel I have developed the skill of being proficient in writing individual reports. As previously mentioned, I use an outline system to keep my thoughts organized and this allows me to clearly portray my attitudes and beliefs in the things I write. My reports will enable my instructors to more appropriately evaluate my learning process.
c. Long distance learning affords us as students the opportunity and need to plan for meticulous assignments. I look forward to turning in my best work and feel I have developed that instructional method to some degree. As I wisely make use of my time, develop necessary computer skills, and strive for excellence in completing meticulous assignments, I will continue to develop this method.
d. I find memorizing details to be tedious, hard work. I often blame my age as a reason for the difficulty. To prepare me for my entrance back into a university learning mode, I have recently memorized The Living Christ. It has taken much effort and time, but proved to be a great accomplishment for me. I look forward to improving this method of instruction during my distance learning schooling.

4.Describe three to five instructional methods you will work to improve as you take distance learning courses.
a. The instructional method that I will need to develop and practice the most will definitely be “drawing conclusions from reading”. I realize the need for me to be more focused in what I am reading. I have found my attention wanders and I use valuable time in rereading what I just read.
b. I will work on taking laboratory tests simply because I have very limited experience with this. I am grateful for the test-taking skills I have learned through this course and I am anxious to practice those techniques.
c. Using the computer to simulate class room instruction is a method that I need to develop and hone. I find navigating the computer intimidating and often use it as an excuse to put off what needs to be done. With that said, I am anxious to over-come that fear.
d. I will overcome my fears to become a student of theories and research. Those methods of learning are very foreign to me and quite frankly, scary! But I do believe that are needed so that I can be a better, more flexible learner. I will work on developing those particular instructional methods.

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