Monday, March 26, 2012


I will never forget the pure joy and excitement I felt when I found out I was going to be a grandma. I still haven't figured out how you can fall so much in love with a baby that isn't yours....but you can and I did and that all started on the day we went to take Molly's very first picture which came in the form of an ultrasound. I knew the Lord had specifically picked out this little female spirit to come to earth at this time with Derrick and Brittney as her parents. There was no doubt in my mind whatsoever about this!! I knew this little baby would do amazing things just by being born. AND SHE HAS!

Molly is complex for a two year old. When I first saw her "organize" the blankets from one spot to another, I wondered what possessed her to do such a chore. When I watched her empty the dishwasher and take the laundry out of the washer and put it into the dryer, I continued to wonder about her thought processes. She is on task, even in her play. I have often pondered how those traits of determination and order will be manifest in her later years. What great things will she accomplish in her life? I don't doubt that she will!

It is fun for me to think about the person she will grow up to be. But for now, I focus on the person she is today: a little girl who lights up with a sweet smile when she hears her grandpa's voice or see's her grandma smiling back at her on the computer screen. She likes me; I can tell. I think she knows I am her grandma and that makes her happy. I can hardly wait to snuggle up, make cookies, take a walk, or just go to the grocery store with her. Small acts that will bind our relationship as grandma and granddaughter.

Happy Birthday my little Molly. I love you! Grandma Rust.

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