Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Still Daddy's Little Girl

In the early hours of the morning, Tues. August 12th, I was once again awakened from a dream as I heard my name being said in a very loving and gentle manner.

I had left Overton Monday night  to go stay with Grandma Skousen at her home in St. George as we would leave Tues. morning for a trip up to Idaho Falls.   I only remember a snippet of the dream , but what I do remember is very vivid.  I saw dad standing to the side of me in a dark suit.  He simply said:  "Lorri".  His voice was so clear and so real that I immediately woke up and looked around to see if he was actually in the room.    I only had two thoughts at that moment: 1- Why hadn't dad referred to me as "Lor Lor" like he normally would have if he were alive. And 2- Was he waking me for some profound purpose, danger, or warning.

I haven't resolved those two thoughts as of yet.  What I did resolve, feel and experience, was love.  Pure, tender love and an overwhelming feeling of knowing that dad is aware and mindful of me, much like the experience I had last year.

I believe that Heavenly Father took dad at this very specific time for specific reasons.  One of those reasons being to help his children and grandchildren who need his influence of goodness, acceptance and love here on earth at this time in their lives.

I write that my children and grandchildren may know that their grandfather is very much involved in their lives today;  that he has a greater opportunity to influence and guide them where he is now than if he were still alive.  I pray, dear children that you can also feel his  love and care for you.

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