Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Wind Beneath Our Wings

Comments I heard at our family beach reunion a few weeks ago:  "I just love Emily, she is so great."  "I am so happy Emily married Daniel."  "It seems like Emily is loved by every person  in this family".    

The spiritual gift that I focus on for Emily may seem a little  "sub par" in the spiritual gift department to some, but do not be fooled into thinking that this spiritual gift is  less in anyway.  It is not!  It is a gift that only a  humble, meek person can acquire.  The person that bears this gift is self assured, powerful and competent in what they choose to do.  The person who uses this gift, values others  and does whatever is needful to help that person  shine a little brighter.

Daniel's personality is such that he is often in the limelight because of his strengths and great qualities.  Emily  is what I  view as an amazing supporting actor, not ever seeking the staring role, but playing her supporting role in such a way that Daniel shines far more than he could on his own.  It truly is a selfless gift.

She is not showy, loud or demanding.  In a gentle, non-assuming way she glides into our lives and makes us better. This ability was displayed in  our little family tourney of Kuub at the beach where Daniel and Emily were partnered against Brittney and Derrick (?).  It was a classic Daniel / Emily moment.  Daniel was fixed, determined and very demonstrative as he threw his sticks; sometimes successful in knocking over the posts and sometimes not.  Emily stood  up to the line, without fanfare or displays of competitiveness, she threw her sticks to consistently knock over the intended targets.  I can still hear Daniel's  triumphant shouts of  "PB"!!!! as she would save the game over and over for him.     I know this was just a game, but it is very symbolic of Emily's demeanor and capability of simply being her own quiet self so that the person who needs to shine actually can.

I have talked to Emily about this spiritual gift of supporting and how I cherish her for having it.   She too acknowledges it as a gift from God and feels blessed to help others achieve and grow and is happy doing it.   Just as her talent of playing the violin softens that blare of the horns, adds dimension to the monotony of  the  percussion, and enables a musical score to reach greater heights of beauty and majesty than possible with any other instrument, that is what Emily does in our family. Each person in our family (because everyone does love Emily) is positively influenced by her.

Back in the 1980"s Bette Midler made famous a song titled "The Wind Beneath My Wings".    Those words so perfectly portray who Emily is.  Her grace, presence and goodness lift me up and make me a better person.  Her support and  love  for Daniel allow for him to fly higher.  Emily, you are a soft, refreshing breeze, even a wind  that  elevates our family. We are blessed that you are ours forever.  Happy Birthday dear daughter, I love you.   Lorri / Mommy

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