Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Plight of The Red Shoes

It has been a hectic but oh so fun week getting Holly and Hannah ready for the Homecoming Dance. Of course you know what that means.....the sewing machine was getting a work out.  Holly was very particular about what kind of dress she wanted, down to every minuscule  detail.  (That's my  very opinionated Holly.)  Hannah was very fine and happy to have Holly's freshman homecoming dress re-sized  and altered for her.  (Thank goodness for my easy-going Hannah!)

The dresses turned out wonderful; exactly what each daughter wanted and all three of us were thrilled. We just had one huge detail left to attend to.  Holly desperately wanted red shoes to go with her dress.  We had gone into Vegas last Friday in hopes of finding them but  had no such luck. We decided to give it one last ditch effort and ran into Vegas Saturday morning  (the day of the dance) hoping and praying that she would find the perfect red shoes to complete her stunning outfit.  With that in mind, we PRAYED and then hopped in the car!

Now praying to find red shoes may seem ridiculous or even a little sacrilegious to some, but I thought it was exactly what we needed to do.   After all  we are told to "counsel with the Lord in all thy doings" and  this was an important "doing" for Holly.  So we included that  simple desire in our morning family prayer and off we went. Yes, you guessed the outcome.  Not only did she find red shoes, but they were beyond what she ever even hoped for.   I am not suggesting that the fact she found her perfect red shoes was brought about by an act of God, but I am suggesting that it did happen as a result of an act of faith.

I fear that prayer is underutilized and it's power is underestimated.  And if we dared "counsel with the Lord in all our doings"  we would be astonished at what that would do for us.  I believe that nothing is to trivial for the Lord to hear from one of his children.   The very act of praying about something important to us moves us to further action on our own part.  Holly was almost ready to  settle on wearing some darling strappy black sandals...........but that Payless next to WalMart was calling her name.  Even though she had exhausted the inventory at a previous Payless Shoe store, she was moved to action because of her earlier action of offering a prayer....even a prayer for red shoes!

Let me share one more experience regarding prayer and faith based results.  I could not comprehend how to combine three different patterns  to make one cohesive, perfect fitting dress for Holly.  I was also concerned about how to deconstructed the previous homecoming dress and alter it so that it would fit Hannah like a glove. As hard as I tried, I could not figure out how I was going to do all this.  In my mind, the steps were vague and the process was muddled.  I wasn't even able to start.  So I counseled with the Lord  with each hurdle I faced.  And do you know what he did?  He brought to my mind a wonderful, detailed plan of the steps that needed be done and in their proper order.  So I ask.....were those dresses sewn as a result of an act of God?  No....but they were sewed by acts of faith.

As soon as I figure out how to post pictures to my blog, I will happily show you the prayed for perfect red shoes!

I write that my children may "counsel with the Lord in all [their] doings, ,,,[so that] he will direct [them] for good."

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