Sunday, October 21, 2012

"As A Child"

Today in sacrament meeting, we did what probably  hundreds of other wards did today.  Yes, it was our Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentation.  I do not tend to get emotionally invested in these.  Even when my children were in Primary and they participated, I enjoyed it, loved seeing them sing and do their little parts, but I never cried. And today was no different.

I am the primary chorister and feel very invested in my primary children.  I love them.   I really love them.  I love the little "stinkers" and we have quite a few of them.   I love the older girls who don't think it is cool to smile back at me.  I love the older boys who just basically want someone to see that they are good. I LOVE THESE CHILDREN!  And today, they sang their hearts out.  They sang knowing the principles taught in the songs.  They focused on my every action, making sure they were singing in the manner that I was directing.  Yes, they sang beyond what I could comprehend......and still no tears.

Don't get me wrong, I was overcome with gratitude that these little children could worship so sweetly and with such perfect innocence.  I certainly felt the Spirit and was edified and uplifted.

 As the "amen" of the benediction was said, I looked up to see Stockton (4) walking over to me. With a very determined hug from this very determined little boy,  I felt a tug at my heart and a tear well up in my eye. I was a little startled by his tender action.  That was followed by  Ally  lovingly putting her arms around me and whispering "thank you".  Lindi patted my shoulder and offered a sweet thank you.   Emma, with her huge smile, wrapped her arms around me and thanked me as well.   With each action of simple love, my  tears flowed freely.  After pondering this experience, I have come to believe that all of these precious children were responding to the feelings of the Spirit.They just did what was instinctive; that being to express love.  I was just the lucky one who happened to be sitting in front as they were walking off the stand.

There were more loving displays, but it ended with sweet, beautiful Marcus.  Marcus is a little four year-old, blonde-hair boy with huge dark brown eyes and thick black eyelashes.  Sometimes I find myself staring at him because he really is that beautiful.  He seemed to be waiting his turn, not knowing why other children were hugging me, but still wanting to be part of it.  When he put his sweet, little four-year-old arms around my neck and squeezed, he squeezed every tear out of me.  Oh the love of a child is so perfect and so pure and I was the recipient of such love. Heaven was so near.

  I write that my children may know that you  are still my pure, innocent children. You have grown, aged, and experienced life, but only the Savior  loves you more perfectly than I.     Marcus' hug made me long for each of your loving arms around my neck, just hugging me because that is what your children do.

I also write that you may cherish, protect and love all children you have the opportunity and blessing of knowing.

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