Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Everyone Needs A Judy"

Back in April, when Derrick and his family came down for a visit, Brittney accompanied Judy and I on some of our early morning adventures.  It was fun sharing not just our adventures with Brittney, but also our long- enduring friendship.  One morning after a particularly lengthy hike, Brittney made the following comment to me:  "I need a Judy".

I knew exactly what Brittney meant.

*Everyone needs  a friend who makes everyday just a little brighter.  (See previous posts: Adventures with Judy)

*Everyone needs a friend who listens.  (Even at nauseam.)

*Everyone needs a friend who tells them the way it is.  (She always says it in a kind way and I know she still loves me regardless of my flaws.)

*Everyone needs a friend who will show up where they are needed and works harder than you do. (What would we have done without her at Daniel and Emily's wedding luncheon and both receptions?!)

*Everyone needs a friend who loves your family almost as much a you do.  (She would do anything for any member of my family.)

Yes, everyone does need a Judy in their life.  A Judy just makes life better!


  1. This post made me smile! I am glad you have a Judy! I have one too, and I don't know what I would do without her!!


  2. 8:02pm
    Judy Seely
    I write that HER children may know that..... (by Judy)
    - I need a Lorri as much or more than she needs a Judy. About 18 yrs. ago I was desperately praying for a true friend. Your family moved into our ward and my prayers were answered a hundred fold.
    - I never thought of our MANY visits as me listening (and I don't recall ever being nauseated ) but more about learning and being taught. Every time we talk, no matter what our moods, I continually learn something about life, standards, gospel principles etc, etc. I'm always uplifted and understand more as I learn how to solve problems in a righteous way.
    - I trust her with every word that I utter knowing it will be safe.
    - We have discussed every gospel principle inside and out, backwards and forward. No one can apply gospel principles like she can.(I depend on her knowing those things for me)
    - Most of all I cherish our adventures and all the "life threatening" situations we get ourselves into. (And it seems to be many)
    - And finally who else would be able to make me laugh so hard one minute then find myself crying the next.
    - Okay, I just convinced myself that I need a Lorri MORE than she needs a Judy. Life is just superb with a true friend!!!

  3. Oh I love this post, and Judy's comment!!! I just love and admire both of you so much and the adventures I was privileged to share with you are some of my favorite memories. Undoubtedly, everyone DOES need a Judy!