Friday, September 21, 2012

Emily Rust = Down-To-Earth Elegance

It is with sheer joy and delight that I ponder and  give thought to the newest member of the Rust family. It really hasn't sunken in that Daniel is  married to Emily and Emily is really a Rust!  I guess that will come with time.  I have contemplated what the addition of Emily gives to our family and happily share in this blog post.

Emily is a "Elegant"!   The first time I saw Emily, I was not expecting her to look like she did.  Daniel had only described her to me as being a "great girl".  I wasn't sure what a "great girl"  looked like, but in my mind it wasn't a tall, strikingly beautiful, blonde-haired girl.  And when I first met  Emily I was  taken back by how elegant and refined she appeared.  I must admit I wondered how on earth she and Daniel found each other.   I love how Daniel handles himself with confidence and ease and  I think he is a very darling, handsome man, but elegance and refinement do not come to mind when I think of him.  I was certainly intrigued with this combination and their relationship!

I remember going to the BYUI Christmas Concert that both she and Daniel played at.  I sat there mesmerized as I watched Emily in that first violinist chair, looking so beautiful as she played so effortlessly.  At the end of the concert when the guest performer, Brian Stokes,Mitchell, acknowledged Emily as the concert mistress and shook her hand, I really thought that I would burst with pride.  Although she and Daniel were not  seriously dating at that time, I just felt honored in knowing someone  with such talent and grace.

I shall never forget the moment I saw Emily after she and Daniel had been sealed, when they walked out of the temple annex onto the grounds outside.  I literally gasped when I saw her.  She was so regal, graceful and stunning.  I could not take my eyes off of her.  She was exquisite, inside and out and I found myself in awe of who she was.

Emily is "Down To Earth"!  Even though Emily is refined, she is far from being stuffy and unapproachable.  She is welcoming, loving and twinkly!  You know when she puts her arms around you, you are really being hugged.  It is a " I really am happy to see you and like you" hug;  so warm and so real.  I had my first hug from her the night of that concert.  I remember it well.  She wrapped her arms around my waist and clasped her hands together and did not break that grasp for some time.  I don't know if I had ever been hugged like that before.  It was so real and sweet and I didn't even know her..............but I knew I loved her!

Emily has always been just fine and at home in our under construction house.  I have never felt that she was concerned about the conditions are lack of space.  She just adapts and fits in.  One of my favorite memories of Emily is when she was down visiting before she and Daniel were engaged.  Jared and I  would call everyone in for breakfast and family prayer.   Knowing that they had stayed up late and were probably exhausted, I didn't count on them actually getting up and joining us.  But I  was endeared to Emily  as she would jump out of bed, still in her pj's,bed hair, no make-up or contacts, and run in and quickly kneel down with the rest of us.  No pretense, fuss or embarrassment.  She wanted to have family prayer and be with us. That warmed my heart so much.

It was wonderful seeing her join the girls in our one and only bathroom to get ready for church.  She found a tiny bit of counter space and set up shop right along with the rest of them.  No special invitation or time schedule, she just jumped in when she could and called it good.  The funniest thing was to see her patiently putting Daniel's contacts in for him in the morning.  I was a little shocked at first, but grew to love seeing this sight.   I knew she was the one for him.

I will never forget the time when we all went for a hike in  one of the washes up by the mesa.  The girls and I were walking quite a ways ahead of Emily and Daniel.  It was a beautiful day,  so peaceful and calm...........until Emily came sprinting past us yelling at Daniel to stop and laughing at the same time.  Just as Emily passed us, here came Daniel chasing her while carrying a stick with a dried-up cow pie situated on the end of it.  I was horrified that Daniel would do such a thing (not surprised, but nonetheless still horrified), but I couldn't help laugh at the sight.   I figured Emily had to be ticked off, and rightfully so!  But it was her laughter and her twinkly eyes that made everything alright and fun.  She loved Daniel and I knew it. Strangely enough, I also knew that if Daniel could actually be okay with chasing Emily with a cow pie, he must really love her too!

So today as I think of our sweet Emily on her birthday, I give thanks for her and what she has already brought into our home.  I am so grateful for the grace and refinement she has.  She is truly a lady by every sense of the word.  The Rust family can use some refinement!   I am so grateful that she also brings to our family a very down-to-earth love and acceptance.  She not only loves us, but I really think she likes us!

I always knew that the girl who would win over Daniel's heart would be very lucky indeed.  But Daniel is the lucky one and so are we!    Happy Birthday dear Emily and welcome to the family.  I love you.

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