Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Thoughts of Shelby and Brighton

My thoughts, prayers and heart have been very occupied this week with Shelby, Tyson, Brighton, Kellee and Tom.   Last Sunday, Shelby was admitted to the U of U Medical Center to have her first child.  All night long I checked my phone for messages.  I kept checking my phone all day Monday, Monday night and Tuesday.  Finally, Tues. afternoon, the message came that Shelby had delivered a little baby boy via C-section.

Yes, Brighton finally came into the world, and brought with him many concerns.  He was born with  club feet, very short arms with  only a thumb attached, and a very abnormal, faulty heart. His head was enlarged and his esophagus was under developed, just to name a few of these concerns.    It wasn't a surprise to Shelby and Tyson.  They had been somewhat aware of Brighton's conditions as early as when Shelby was 20 weeks pregnant.  No, they weren't surprised, but I am sure they were still shocked.  I really think we were all shocked.  It seems that if you pray hard and frequent enough, fast with a sincere heart , and exercise every ounce of faith you have, then perhaps you should be able to call upon a miracle even of this magnitude.  But that was not the case.  Faith was  exercised in Heavenly Father's will and we  accepted  that will, trusting that He knows best for  little Brighton, and his parents.

All Tuesday evening and well into the night, and all the next day,  my thoughts were centered on Shelby.    I would never experience the pain that Shelby experienced bringing Brighton into the world, let alone the pain that would continue in the days, weeks and months to come.   I would never be asked to sacrifice in the way that Shelby has had to sacrifice.  As I pondered over and over these thoughts,  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's Apr. 2015 Conference address, "Behold Thy Mother"  came into my mind.  Elder Holland, in only the way that Elder Holland can, expressed the beautiful doctrine of Motherhood being a similitude of the Savior.  Shelby experienced pain, she had laboredsacrificed, and  shed her blood so that another could  be delivered and progress.  Shelby is a similitude of Jesus Christ.  Her role is divine.  She has already given Brighton the greatest gift that she could ever give him whether he continued to live or not.  Praise be to Shelby for selfless love and devotion to her son.

On Thursday as I drove into Vegas to attend the temple,  my thoughts turned to Brighton.   Why did he have to go through this?  What is his mission?    Even though he came with a broken body, he also came with a strong, mature spirit; untainted by the world and completely pure. And even though he would only live for just two short days, he was already about his Father's business.  How could he have not made a positive impact on Tyson and Shelby?  He is perfect! He is theirs!  A family was born Tues. afternoon.  Brighton's mission is one of  rescue; giving life eternal in a sense, to his parents.     Undoubtedly, his short existence  has planted seeds of a  forever family in the hearts of Shelby and Tyson.  Brighton's influence and love will continue, leading them to make and keep covenants that will bind them all together forever.

I write that my children may know, the Lord is so merciful and wise.  And though his ways and will may be painful and beyond what we think we can endure, we just need to trust  Him.