Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Own Sacred Grove

In front of the main entrance of the Las Vegas temple is a little grove of Olive trees.  In the last few months I have become very aware of those trees.  It is interesting to note however, that I rarely notice the Olive trees upon entering the temple.

Once I have been  edified and enlightened by my temple experience and I am exiting the same doors that I had previously entered, my little grove of Olive trees are brought into full view of my eyes and my heart.

Several months ago  as I first pondered this little grove, my thoughts were of the symbolism that accompanies the Olive Tree and the Savior.   I have studied and pondered that symbolism and have read the following amazing article by Elder Truman Madsen to further my understanding.

On another visit, I focused on the beautiful canopy of leaves that offer safety and relief from the elements. That day I contemplated  the safety and relief that the Savior offers to me personally.

Earlier this week, I was grateful for a groundskeeper who had taken great care to prune away the wayward limbs and branches  leaving behind  nine sleek, gnarled and impressive trunks.  I noticed for the first time that the nine trees were grouped into clusters of threes.  As I studied each one of these three clusters that were made up of three Olive trees, I thought of the enabling,  healing, and redemptive power that is offered through the atonement of Jesus Christ.  I thought of how I personally have been blessed by those three powers as I have sought to use the atonement in my life.

This little grove of Olive trees invites me to return to the temple often.  It teaches and beckons for me to more fully experience the love that the Savior offers me through his atoning sacrifice.   I look forward to "experiencing" my little grove of trees with each visit to the temple.

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