Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sisters and Friends

Two amazing girls.  Holly & Hannah - 2013 Homecoming/

It is every girls dream to be elected Homecoming Royalty.  Hannah was elected;  Holly was not.  As much as Holly would have loved to be wearing a beautiful dress while riding on a float at the parade, she did not show her disappointment............ever!  She handled herself with grace and dignity and rejoiced in Hannah's good fortune.  Hannah had asked Holly to help her with her hair and make-up for the big reveal which she would be on display for all to ooh and aah at her loveliness.  Hannah was beyond stressed and suffered a tear-filled meltdown during this time.   Holly was patient, kind and so understanding as she lovingly attended to her sister.  I have great admiration and respect for Holly. This day wasn't about what she didn't get to do, but what Hannah got to do.  I love Holly.  I love Hannah.  I love that they love each other.   God bless Holly & Hannah and sisterhood! 

Regarding the formal,.. there was never a question with Hannah about modesty.  She exemplifies a modest, wholesome daughter of God in every way, and her homecoming dress would not be an exception.  And it wasn't.  She loved her dress and proudly wore it, thinking she was beautiful and princess-y.    And she was!  

That is such a blessing to me.  I love making my girls their dresses, but I never want them to be embarrassed because they are homemade.  I have very sweet daughters who have always been beyond pleased with their dresses and that just makes the sewing experience  literally DIVINE!!!

Yesterday a friend told me that her niece had told her she had overheard some comments about Hannah's  homecoming dress and how it looked like she must have gone to a "Mormon Store" to buy it. I don't know if the comments were meant to be positive or negative, but I took them as a positive. I always want my daughters to  look like they have gone shopping at a "Mormon Store".  

I asked Hannah if she felt out of place with her dress.  Her response was an emphatic:  "NO!!!  I love wearing my dress."  Hannah doesn't dress modestly just because she is supposed to.  Modesty is part of who she is because she respects her body and loves Heavenly Father.  I can honestly say that all four of my daughters know that they are precious daughters of God and conduct themselves in that manner. What a blessing to me and to them. Modesty is a manifestation of purity and purity is truly beautiful!

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