Thursday, July 11, 2013

Coincidence or Miracle?

On our way to the temple this morning Judy and I had a discussion on the importance of acknowledging how much the Lord is involved in our day to day lives.  We determined that if we  always chalk  things up to coincidence, we actually deny little miracles extended to us daily by the Lord.

As we were pulling into the temple parking lot, Judy suddenly exclaimed: "Darn it!  I forgot my mints." She went on to say that she had bought some breath mints in hopes that if she got sleepy, she could pop one in her mouth and it would wake her up.  Judy wanted to make sure that she was alert and attentive for the sister that would finally have the opportunity to make covenants and receive her own endowment.

We put on our temple clothes  and met up again inside the bathroom where Judy said to me:  "Guess what I found in my locker?"  I replied:  "Mints?"  To which Judy responded "Yes!  Can you believe it?!"    Well actually I can believe it and I do not chalk it up to coincidence.

I write that my children may know.... Heavenly Father is deeply invested in each one of us.  He extends His miracles and tender mercies to us daily.  I also write in hope that we may humble ourselves to see His hand in our own lives and to be quick to thank Him for His involvement.

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