Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1981 - Eternity

A a couple of weeks ago Noelle requested a Skype session with Dad and I regarding a project for a class.  She asked us a series of questions regarding our marriage.  I have spent considerable time pondering her questions, one in particular. "What traits and characteristics did dad possess that made you want to marry him?"  (Or something along those lines.)

So today, as we celebrate our wedding anniversary, I share two of those wonderful qualities that drew me in.

I am sure this isn't a news flash to any family member, but dad is all about details.  I was intrigued early on in our courtship by how he could recall not only things I said and did, but the exact place where I said it, the clothes I was wearing when I said it, and the old Jewish woman wearing diamond earrings who happened to walk by when we had that particular conversation.  Of course this is a dramatization, but it is not an exaggeration!  His ability to recall details has really been a sweet part of my life.

The other characteristic that I share will not be a surprise to many either.   Dad  is and always has been a hopeless romantic.  When you combine those two traits you end up with  a sentimental sweetheart.  I fear I have taken those qualities for granted in my life, but I have always considered myself to be one lucky girl on the receiving end of such characteristics.

While young and infatuated with each other, I must have mentioned once that I loved train rides.  Honestly, I have no recall about such a statement. It is no surprise to anyone that I am neither detail oriented or a romantic. That is  probably why I love those things in Dad so much.
Back to the train.........  
We were both living in Provo, and remembering my comment about trains, dad booked a train ride from Provo to SLC.  The ride was fun, but it was the fact that he planned a date according to something I had said and he had remembered and actually put stock in it,  that touched me most.  Our courtship was made up with lots of fun dates and experiences all revolving around things that dad had paid attention to regarding me and his desire to bring it to life in a fun, romantic way. Now I ask you........WHAT GIRL COULD EVER RESIST THAT?!

At one time during our dating years,  I was attending  BYU and dad was working in Vegas.  It was also a time when there were fifty-two Americans being held hostage in Iran for a total of 444 days.  Every day, on  the national news broadcasts, they would run  a graphic saying:  Day # 25 of AMERICANS IN HOSTAGE. (Or whatever #  it currently was for that day.)  Everyday that dad and I were apart he wrote me a letter and on the outside of that letter, starting with the first one, he wrote "Day # 1 Of MY HEART IN HOSTAGE".  The next day, letter #2 came with "Day #2 of MY HEART IN HOSTAGE."   These romantic, numbered letters kept coming until we were reunited.  My roommates lived for the mail and so did I!

Happy Anniversary to My Sentimental Sweetheart!  I cherish your romantic nature.  I am in awe of your detailed mind. These are just two of many amazing traits that have made my life better .  Thanks for your service, your care and love.    I LOVE YOU TOO!

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