Sunday, January 29, 2012

Seek Ye Learning

September 2011 was a month that I will never forget. It was a month that changed my life and will have a tremendous impact on my future. The month began with me having an overwhelming sadness of missing you kids who were out on your own and realizing that Holly and Hannah would soon be leaving home too. With the thoughts of my "full-time" mothering coming to an end, I began a process of praying and pondering as to what the Lord wanted me to do in the coming years to be of value and service to him.

I remember being deep in thought while driving to the temple one September morning, when a very specific prompting came into my mind. It was greatly impressed upon me the need to complete my BYU degree online. To be honest, I really had never entertained those thoughts before, nor had I even an inkling of a desire to do so. Because the thought was so deliberate and clear, I could not dismiss it. I sought confirmation while in the temple and received it.

That wasn't the only revelatory experience I had that month, there were others that were very significant and sacred (which I will share when it is appropriate to do so). I learned so much during those weeks. I learned that desiring leads to pondering, pondering leads to prayer, prayer leads to seeking further light and knowledge, which led me to the temple. And all of those things provided a humble and believing heart that could receive the whispering's of the Spirit, even revelation. I learned that I was worthy to have the Lord give me personal direction and that I was of value to Him.

Now back to my BYU online experience. Can I just tell you that I feel like someone has breathed new life into what I felt was a dormant mind. Although it was rough going the first 2 weeks, I have experienced great joy this past week in studying and thinking. I have felt a greater confidence in my ability to learn and know that the Lord is very pleased with what I am doing. I still do not know exactly why I am doing it, but that is okay. If the why is just to know that I am capable of learning, growing, and acting on revelation, then that is enough for me. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY!!

I write....that my children may know that I know learning and gaining knowledge is highly favored of the Lord. I also write.....that my children may know I am proud that they have an understanding of this truth as well. Thank you for your great examples!

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