Monday, December 12, 2011

How Do You Hold A Moon Beam in Your Hand?

The week or so before my actual birthday blog is written, I ponder that child who's birth we are celebrating, over and over in my mind. I think of experiences, feelings,talents, trials, characteristics, my hopes and dreams for them, their hopes and dreams for them selves, and every other aspect imaginable concerning that particular child. During this pondering time I laugh and cry; I agonize and rejoice as thoughts and memories flood my mind. And then begins the process of determining (hopefully with help of the Spirit) what I write so that this child as well as their siblings can know what I know and love about them.

I tell you all this because over the last week and half of contemplating Noelle,the following words of a song from the Sound of Music, have kept coming to my mind.

"How do you hold a moon beam in your hand?"

It really is the perfect question to describe my amazing, beautiful Noelle. A moon beam changes darkness into light. That is what Noelle does. Darkness really is foreign to Noelle. She does not allow for "dark" moods, thoughts, surroundings, or anything like unto it. She brings light where ever she goes. People of all ages are drawn to the warmth and comfort she has to offer. I love to see her in action. She takes a very awkward situation or person and brings about an amazing transformation of light and happiness.

Even her words are words of light. I rethink every sentence that comes out my mouth when I am having a conversation with Noelle. I never want to be critical or negative around Noelle. I really believe it is because Noelle desires to be a positive, cheerful influence on everyone she comes in contact with. AND SHE IS!!! SHE OFFERS LIGHT BECAUSE SHE IS LIGHT! Such a Christ-like characteristic mastered at such an early stage in her life.

Just as there is no possible way to hold on to a moon beam, I feel there is no way to hold on to Noelle. And I would never want any one to try. As I think of Noelle, I am reminded of what President Hinckley said of his dear Marjorie when asked about their relationship. He said something to the effect that he just gets out of her way and lets her fly. I am so grateful that Noelle has the courage to fly. As a result of her courage and hard work, she has accomplished things beyond what I even dared dream about at her age. She does not allow herself to be "grounded" or thwarted in any way. Once the goal has been set, and her mind if ls fixed, she takes flight. Such beautiful, fitting imagery of who she is and what she does. In fact I really feel that Heavenly Father was "giving her wings" when he gave he specific trials to overcome. As as she conquered one trial after another, she has been allowed to soar higher and higher.

Happy Birthday Noelle. You truly are an amazing person. I know Heavenly Father is so mindful of you and your wants and desires, because you use them to bless the lives of others. I have a desire to be a better person because of you. Because of you, I want to focus on the good in people instead of what I perceive to be their faults. I love how you desire our family to be a family of kind words and loving actions, free from negativity and fault-finding. You have taught us to desire and work towards a Christ-centered family and I am so grateful for your understanding of such godly attributes. Thank you for wanting us to do and become better. Thank you for your example and light in showing the way. I love you Noelle. You are a moon beam that will continue to radiate love and light where ever you fly too. Thank you for the light you have given to me. May the Lord bless you, especially in Peru as you bless others. Love you again. Mommy

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